Gambol Simulation Videos

The videos posted so far have been only the trajectory generation, i.e. the feedforward signal. In the videos below the trajectories were applied in a realistic simulation. The results are not good. Where the trajectory generation itself is flexible and robust, the MPC applied in simulation is far from it.

Gambol Videos

Below are some of the optimisations made with the Gambol optimisation framework! All of these optimisations are based on fixed gait phases (i.e. explicit contacts) and include whole-body dynamics and joint torque optimisation. By changing the predefined contact phases different gaits are produced.

Assignment Repositories

A bitbucket project with a few public repositories with the content of my assignment is available here: The two most important tools are: MuJoCoTools: A wrapper for MuJoCo in C++, creating an object-oriented layer around the procedural library.Gambol: The MPC locomotion framework. Heavily inspired on Towr.

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